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Yaa devi sarva bhuteshu, shakti rupena sangsthita:

namastyashai, namastyashai, namastyashai, namoh namaha.

 Mahalaya, Birendra Krishna Bhadra, the mystic mornings, the genda phool, the days awaited with abated breath, the changing stages of the idol of Maa Durga  and the ultimate, tulir taan, it is goose bumps all the way.

The time that everyone is waiting for has arrived, the homecoming of Mother Durga….”DURGA PUJA”

Bengalees are born foodies. While others fast during Navaratri, Bengalees kick start with “Anandamela” & thus we await with the abated breath, Sunday, the 18th of October, 2015, Panchami, at 6:30 pm, the foodies are on the roll.

It’s sheer thrill. Even before the registrations have officially begun, the participants are already jostling. It is great to see such enthusiasm. To organize an event of such proportions, needs clarity, we present as under:

  • Apart from being a fun event, this is also a competition on Culinary efficiencies. All participants, therefore need to ensure that, only food prepared by “THEMSELVES” should be displayed for marking by the
  • This is open to both men and women who would like to display their culinary skills.
  • In order to ensure that, more & many, taste your food, budgeting therefore, would be a factor. Prices are expected to be kept at reasonable levels, as indicated below.

Vegetarian Item – Rs 30/- ( Maximum)

Non-Vegetarian Item – Rs 50/- ( Maximum)

  • Persons who run Canteens at the Puja Mandap or who have hired cooks will not be allowed to participate. Please excuse. Their stalls can be put up only after 8 pm, when we expect Ananada Mela to conclude.
  • HBS Chef Contest, started three years back to encourage cooking.

The details are detailed below.


There will be three categories:

  1. Children between 6 to 9 years ( ingredients will be provided )
  2. Children between 10 to 13 years ( ingredients will be provided )
  3. Open Category ( own ingredients to be brought )
  • There will be no use of fire in any category.
  • The dishes will have to be prepared on spot without any parental support.
  • Serving portion should be sufficient for 2 persons
  • Marks will be based on presentation, taste, texture, innovation and dress.
  • A minimum of 5 participants are required in each category for the competition to be conducted. There will be no pairing up of contestants.
  • Only 1st prize will be awarded in each group.

Time for age group 6 to 9 is 30 minutes.

Time for age group 10 to 13 is 30 minutes.

Time for open category is 60 minutes.

 For further information and clarification, please contact any of the following persons.

Mrs. Tripti Sen   – 98480 30044                Mrs. Neena Roy – 99856 22594  

Mrs. Sudha Dutta   – 98485 62814        Mrs. Kankana Sen Gupta -99489 82802

All registrations will close by Thursday, the 15th October, 2015 . The completed registration form along with a refundable deposit of Rs 100/- need to be submitted at the HBS Samity Office.

Registration forms can be collected from the HBS Samity Office

   It is, on your mark, Get, Set, Go…..