About Us

Hyderabad Bangalee Samity, a path breaking socio-cultural organization, involved in philanthropic activities, began in a very humble way. The launch of the organization was a subdued affair, with the first AGM being held in the year 1942, the year in which this great association was registered. The AGM was held in the premises of Hyderabad YMCA and elected Bishop Mondal as the first president of this august body

The de-facto founder status of the samity goes to Shri P L Mukherjee, one of the oldest Bengali inhabitants of Hyderabad, and he started the practice of celebrating Durga Puja in his house before it moved to a more centralized location. He continued to perform the puja till he relocated to Calcutta in the 1960’s decade

The history of the samity is dotted with luminaries who have occupied prestigious position in society and have contributed their mite to the growth of Bengali culture in Hyderabad. Some of the well known names are, Sri Ranjit Kumar Ghosh, Sri B B Sengupta, Sri B C Gangopadhyay, Sri J P Tarafdar, Sri M L Routh, and a host of others who do not find mention here.

The contributions and sacrifices of our elder generations are too great for us to fully comprehend and appreciate. Still, we would be failing in our duties if the contributions of the above luminaries were not acknowledged here.

The contemporary history is full of dynamic individuals who have continued the work of our founders and have strived to maintain the numero uno status enjoyed by the association amongst the Bengali brethren. We would like to express sincere thanks and urge the well-wishers and members to redouble their efforts for the overall good of the masses in general and community in particular.

Hyderabad Bangalee Samity has been in the forefront of national causes and ensures that part of the funds generated to celebrate Durga Puja is utilized for philanthropic activities. It is second to none in doing its bit for the welfare of the nation. It has contributed to the Kargil relief fund and has always been in the forefront to bring succor to the needy during floods and famine. It has contributed generously to Andhra Pradesh Relief Fund, Orissa Relief Fund, Bihar Relief fund, and West Bengal Relief Fund to name a few. Additionally the members make it a point to annually visit the patients in Government Hospitals for distribution of fruits and blankets.

Though the health and well being of the association is well taken care of, let us not be complacent. Come let us all rededicate ourselves to the ideals that make up this great organization. Let us once again salute our heroes for the services rendered and sacrifices endured in creating this monolithic.